Model 650
Model 650 works with all Standard Pneumatic wire wrapping tools.

Cutting and Stripping Attachment:
Order stripping blades separately from attachment to suit wire size.
Stripping Blades

Wire Size

Part Number

20 AWG


22 AWG


24 AWG


26 AWG


28 AWG


30 AWG


22-24 AWG


Designed For:  

The Model 650 is designed to be attached to our 6021, 6071, 620 and 6001, plus any of the models in between. The Model 650 allows the operator to cut to length and strip the wire in one simple operation. The length of the wire to be cut is adjustable. Different gauge stripping blades can be interchanged quickly and easily. Model 654 is a modified version of Model 650, except that Model 654 only cuts the wire. Model 654 is generally used by operators who are using C. S. & W. and need only to cut the wire; it does not strip the wire.


All of our bits and sleeves will perform well with most manufacturers' wire. For best results, we do, however, recommend the use of Kynar wire. The following sizes and colors are available in 1000 ft.(300 m) rolls:

Not for use with CSW bits.
JDV recommends the use of Tefzel and PVC insulated type wire for these tools.
Please contact JDV for details.

AWG Part Number
Blue White Red Yellow
26 91161 91162 91163 91164
28 91181 91182 91183 91184
30 91101 91102 91103 91104
Wire Stripper
Part #61828 -
Hand wire stripping tool for 18 through 28 AWG wire
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