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(The name "Standard Pneumatic & Electric Tool Company" includes its related subsidiary companies and operations, worldwide.)

Standard Pneumatic & Electric Tool Company considers your right to privacy very important. That is why our website has been constructed, not as an independent, stand-alone, communication mechanism, but as an integral part of the policies, procedures, and systems which have been developed through the years within the Standard Pneumatic & Electric Tool Company. These internal practices help protect your privacy by limiting employee access to, and use of, customer data. Every attempt to ensure your privacy is taken when soliciting information from you, in order that it will reflect our responsible manner.

Standard Pneumatic & Electric Tool Company has published this website to:

    1. disseminate accurate, and comprehensive product information
    2. provide timely technical, application, and service support
    3. present in one place, Standard Pneumatic's worldwide distributive organization for making efficient contact
    4. provide an innovative mechanism for product ordering

In general, when Standard Pneumatic & Electric Tool Company solicits information from you, this information is intended to be used only by the Standard Pneumatic & Electric Tool Company to provide better customer support, and to establish a professional business relationship. Customer contact information solicitation typically appears in two forms: 1) to provide Customer or Technical Support Assistance, or 2) to enable acceptance and processing of a request for on-line ordering. We will not provide any of your personal information to other companies or individuals without your permission. However, we may need to confidentially provide your name and address to third parties that Standard Pneumatic & Electric Tool Company uses for the purpose of delivering specific services, which you have requested.

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